"I saw June do excellent work in developing a web application for one of the Rohm and Haas networks. I have known her to be bright, energetic and resourceful. She is a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Philip Lewis
Vice President, EHS & SD

Rohm & Haas Company


June amazes me with her amount of knowledge concerning all aspects of computer programs, html, etc. June has proven to be very adept at envisioning the aim and purpose of Choices' web site and has captured it for the site. She also has a knack for paying attention to detail, which is lacking in much of society today. June picked the background settings, art, design and special additions most people wouldn't even necessarily notice, e.g. layered effects, special coloring, etc. June goes far beyond the normal scope, putting her all into her craft. It is clear that she has found her niche in the business world and enjoys her work.

Jan Murphy

Director, CHOICES, Inc.


If your organization could use a ray of sunshine—both emotional energy and solo, solar power—I strongly encourage you to incorporate June Wilson into your work family. She was an IT dream come true. Self-motivated, yet other focused and company-minded (a rare blend of attributes), June kept us ahead of the curve in the online world.

Brady Goodwin, Jr.

President, Cross Movement Ministries, Inc.


June Wilson, through her superior work on multiple web projects with which I have been associated, has shown the kind of talent and drive that I have seen in the extraordinary people with whom I have worked throughout my career. I have worked with her on political projects and personal projects, and in every instance, I have seen the same quality: Her ability to drill down to the essence of a problem is bested only by her ability to solve it. June Wilson is a consummate professional, and she has been an asset to every project we have worked on together.

Solomon Jones

Best-Selling Author


I earnestly recommending June for your internet project, webpage, social media onslaught, etc. June's work and credibility are both relevant and effective. Her creative genius can not be overstated. Her unique ability to communicate to the masses via the internet has firmly established her as a global commodity and cutting edge visionary. In a day of technological communications, business and social interaction. June emerges as a savvy internet service provider.

S. Todd Townsend, Ph.D., EdD.

Senior Pastor, The Resurrection Center


Thank you Juno! Thank you for all your years of love and support. You are another major cog in the movement that so many people don't know about. Your work with CMR, CM Ministry and CM the group positioned us in ways that were invaluable. You made us look so good and covered so many of our flaws. If you have never heard it before, thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for us, me and our Lord's coming Kingdom.

John Wells

President & CEO, Cross Movement Records


June did a great job of helping us with our website. She made sure that she understood our goals and our vision and tailored her recommendations to our needs. June is very personable and trustworthy - I definitely recommend her for web design!

Rose M. Thompson

Regional Team Leader, The Impact Movement


June is an talented Web Developer and high achieving team member.  She is diligent and takes a great deal of pride in getting great results.

Mark Morrison

Director of Information Services, American Red Cross


June is an amazing designer and visionary, someone who goes the extra mile for her clients. We provided streaming technologies to her when streaming was something not very many had heard of or was using. She saw great value in providing these services and jumped on board immediately. The Cross Movement saw unprecedented growth in their online presence during her tenure there.

Dale Ficken

Chief Operating Officer, Jade Interactive Technologies


June Wilson was Web... before Web was world wide. She was Flash before Flash began and first finished loading. June Wilson was Get-Kinetic's webmaster before GK was Get-Kinetic. Around Norris Square, JD was the girl upstairs. Around the web, she was the queen.

Kevin Hackenberg

Director/DP, Get-Kinetic


June is a pleasure to work with as she spends the time to understand your needs and works to delivering on them while managing costs. I have seen her work over the years and it has been very consistent. She holds herself and those she works with to high standards and will not deliver anything less.

James Rosseau, Sr.

Chief Commercial Officer, LegalShield Official