Our Process


This is a critical first step: getting to know the nitty gritty of you and your business. We call this Discovery. Several probing questions are asked. This is important to holistically and clearly understand your pain points and get to the heart of what must be done to achieve desired results.


A Sitemap is built and shown to you in this phase of the process. This gets us on the same page super fast. It helps us to confirm together what the website must communicate. We also agree on the best way to structure the information. See an example sitemap here.


Next up is the "Show and Tell" phase, emphasis on Show. Most clients don't want to hear a bunch of website mumbo jumbo or jargon. So an interactive prototype is built in the browser to demo how our solution will work. It's not sexy but gets us close to the mark. See an example prototype here.


Now the design fun begins. Content is King on any website, and design is definitely the Queen! Your interactive prototype is brought to life, incorporating social media and matching it to your brand. Here is the same website fully designed.


In this final stage, we go underground for a couple of weeks and ensure all is well programmatically. A series of tests are performed, then we launch your shiny new website that you can show off to the world! Most importantly, you can start getting your desired results.