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Before ANY work begins on a Client’s Project, the following must take place:

  1. We must first clearly define the Project Requirements in a Proposal that is presented to the Client
  2. Once the Requirements are agreed upon, an Invoice is issued that refers to the Requirements, Pricing, and Delivery Time Estimate.
  3. The Client then makes a payment on the invoice to proceed.
    For projects over $500, below is our payment schedule but may be revised based on further conversations between us.

    • 50% of total fee deposit upfront to begin & add you to our production schedule
    • 25% upon approval of your sitemap and/or prototype
    • 25% or remaining balance (whichever is higher) once you approve the website for launching
  • The Client and JDWeb must also determine an official Project Name, as this is how the project will be entered into our systems for tracking. We can invite you to our accounting system to see billing associated for your any of your Projects upon request.
  • Please refer to the Payment Policy in these terms regarding Manual Payments or payments remitted by check or money order.
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