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Per the Project Pricing process outlined above, JDWeb will communicate to the client the estimated Pricing and Delivery Time before work for a project begins.

Every now and then a Client needs to meet a tight internal deadline and would like JDWeb to deliver the work sooner than the Delivery Time communicated. In these cases, the Client has the option to request a Rush Job that may require JDWeb staff to work outside of normal business hours, such as nights and weekends, to meet the tight deadline.

Rush Job requests are accepted at JDWeb’s sole discretion. While we do our best to accommodate our Client’s needs, Rush Jobs may not always be possible to accept the request.

Should JDWeb accept the Rush Job request, we will communicate to the Client the amount due for the Rush Job fee, which is 50% of the total project price. For example, if the total cost of the project is $100, the Rush Job fee would be $50, and that fee must be paid upfront for the Rush Job to begin. We also reserve the right to waive Rush Job fees on a case by case basis.

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