Virtual Classes & Online Courses

Don't Let COVID-19 Stop your Business!

Discover how to take advantage of technologies, strategies and ideas to conduct business online or even offer new services during this time of crisis.

Why do we Help you Setup Virtual Solutions?

In this evolving time of economic uncertainty and turmoil, we here at JDWeb Solutions desire to assist you in navigating the transition from brick and mortar facilities to a majority online presence.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help everyone stay in business (including JD Web) without being an added burden on our clients during these economically-tight times.

Our Experience

Our owner has over a decade of experience working online professionally from home. Our team also has YEARS of collective experience using ZOOM and other virtual online class technology .

Our Process

Simply schedule a call here, or use the button below under the CONSULTING option. It's that easy. We start with a conversation and once your needs are fully understood, we work on solutions that are a match for you and your situation.