Choices Inc.

The Brief

Latonya had a huge problem. No one could view her website on a mobile phone!  It was built on Wix years ago using Flash technology.  So when Latonya gave keynote speeches around the Greater Rappahannock area, her audiences would attempt to access her website from their smartphones and could not.  Latonya also wanted to start a blog and was open to any other “ideas” we had.

Our Approach

Latonya already had great SEO and was not looking for new customers, so we focused on building her a responsive, mobile-friendly website, that included a content strategy along with a great design.

Specifically, we:

  • Created a homepage that reflected Latonya’s fun personality and clearly established her credentials up front and what she could offer.
  • Installed a booking request form.  Not only could people book her online, but those requests were kept in a spreadsheet in the backend for future reference – in addition to the e-mail notification she would receive when someone requested her for booking.
  • Captured leads by implementing opt-in solutions so that she could build up a mailing list to communicate with her subscribers
  • Started a blog by migrating content from her Facebook page where she had already gotten a lot of engagement and interaction from her practical accounting tips
  • Trained her on how to blog and setup her Twitter and Google Plus accounts to sync with her Facebook Page for when she published blog posts
  • Gave Latonya an alternative domain name to use that used her first and last name – everyone ought to own a domain name in their own name, right?

The Result

Latonya loves her new website!  Latonya’s audiences can now easily access her site on mobile devices. Now that we have the basic Phase One elements out of the way, we are preparing a Phase Two to enhance her website even more!  By the way, if you live in the Fredericksburg area and looking for an accountant, give Latonya a call!