Frederick Douglass Jazz Works

Meet Ruth, and Meet Frederick through Jazz


Today’s spotlight is on “Frederick Douglass Jazz Works,” created by Ruth Naomi Floyd. In this work, Ruth presents jazz comprised of her original compositions paired with the actual words from the speeches and writings of this powerful, timeless luminary. Illustrated through the art form of jazz improvisational music, the “Frederick Douglass Jazz Works” illuminates the themes of tragedy, grief, despair, and injustice of American slavery but through the multi-faceted prism of hope, joy, perseverance, and triumph— all with Frederick Douglass’s own words.

She launched a fundraising campaign to support this work on February 1st, and it started with a BANG! Facebook and SMS text messages were her primary campaign grounds, as she shared why people should care about her work and consider financially supporting it! Instantly people put their money where their mouth is by visiting her user-friendly, mobile-friendly website to give a secure donation.

JDWeb used the latest technology in Ruth’s campaign!

  • Online Giving:
    Her site accepts donations made by credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. People can also pledge to make offline donations by check or money order.
  • Social Media Integration:
    We made it easy for people to find her social pages by slickly incorporating her social media pages. We also made sure she had a sharp “social card” when people share her website address on Facebook, LinkediN, or Twitter!
  • Security like Fort Knox:
    Her site uses the latest SSL encryption, TLS 2.0, and PHP 7.2. Just nod your head and say, “Yes, that sounds secure, June.”
  • Newsletter Signup:
    Her donors were subscribed to her mailing list, and anyone leaving her site are reminded to also join her list. Now she can stay in touch with everyone!
  • Measuring the Results:
    We deployed pixel tracking so she can easily display ads to anyone who has visited her website, on Facebook or Google search engines.

And this is only PHASE ONE

Ruth is truly an amazing, multi-faceted and multi-talented artist who we were thrilled to work with on this special and important project. We look forward to continuing to work with Ruth to make this project and future ones a great success!  Visit her website now to listen to some of the Music Excerpts and Orator Excerpts. Perhaps you will be moved like we were!