The Brief

Terry was star. Seriously. He was on the hit TV show L.A. Hair and was in need of a website to showcase his hairstyle portfolio, sell his latest products, and sell tickets to training courses.  He wanted the site to look great on mobile devices and also link to media and videos where he was featured.  He currently did not have a website due to a bad experience with his previous webmaster and was referred to us by one of his hair clients.  Thanks for the referral, Pat!

Our Approach

Prior to the new website launching, we created an attractive coming soon page that featured a photo slider that featured some of the best hairstyles in Terry’s portfolio.  This page was also connected to an email subscriber system to entice sign ups with a pre-launch special offer.  This enabled Terry to easily begin building his newsletter list.

Terry was not interested in online appointment scheduling, so we focused on functionality solutions that would accommodate a store for his products and ticket sales. We chose the WooCommerce platform for the shop to make it easy to add and manage products and customer orders. We also guided Terry through the process of setting up a merchant account & payment gateway, two necessary ingredients for doing seamless online sales where the transactions interact directly with his bank account. We also used Event Tickets Plus by Modern Tribe for the online ticket sales.

We installed a SSL certificate onto Terry’s web server due to his store, and due to Google’s algorithm that now penalizes sites SEO-wise who are not using the HTTPS protocol.

Terry is on our most popular Care Plan, where he pays us a monthly retainer to keep his website software updated, files backed up, plus a lot more.  We are always just a phone call and e-mail away when he needs updates to his content.  Discover more about our Client Care Plans!

The Result