Thank you so much for choosing JDWeb Solutions as your Web Agency partner. I'd like to say again, "Welcome to the Family!" This is a page you will want to bookmark and reference throughout our relationship. We have made it available online, so that it can be viewed publically 24-hours.


Our hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm EST. These are public-facing hours in which we answer emails and work on projects.


Our Help Desk uses a Ticket System to track requests. For the fastest responses, write to or use this Request Form.


We strive to personally acknowledge all emails within 24-hours during our business hours. If you have an emergency use our Request Form.


See below for payment-related procedures.

Payment Policy

  • All clients subscribed to a Web Care Plan must keep a current credit card on file for automatic monthly billing.
  • If applicable, JDWeb will also auto-bill the Client for Domain Name renewals and Website Hosting.
  • Clients who are unable to pay by credit card and need to remit payment by check or money order will be charged an additional $50 Processing Fee for each payment
  • Clients who are unable to be automatically charged monthly will incur a monthly $50 Processing Fee for each payment
  • Projects are invoiced upfront and a deposit is required before any work begins. Unless otherwise noted, a 50% deposit is due to add the project to our production schedule
  • Clients may conveniently pay their invoices online using the link provided, or with the client's permission, we can charge your credit card on file.
  • No charges are assessed to the client's credit card without the client's prior knowledge or consent. 
  • JDWeb is PCI Compliant and no one has access to your personal information once it’s entered into the JDWeb accounting system.
Payment Policy


The Client agrees to pay all fees related to any chargeback performed on payments remitted to JDWeb, including, but not limited to, collection fees and fees charged by the payment processing company.


Accepted Payments

JDWeb accepts all major credit or debit cards for payment (such as VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express). Checks, cash, or money orders will not be accepted. For organizations that require two-signature checks, we will allow checks for a surcharge of $50 each time.

Accepted Payments

Late Fee Policy

After 30-days after the due date of any invoice, our accounting system will automatically append a non-refundable late fee of $35. After 60-days, a second late fee will be appended. After 90-days of non-payment, JDWeb Solutions reserves the right to cancel the project without any refund and no delivery or launch of the project. If a payment plan is needed, do not hesitate to reach out. We are open to that discussion.

Late Fee Policy

Refund Policy

There are situations where a refund makes sense, and we are committed to negotiating a fair arrangement if all of our policies were followed. In general, all sales are final and there are no refunds after work has commenced.

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Web Care Plans:

  • You may cancel Web Care Plan services at any time with 30-day written notification. All services will end upon cancellation notice. 
  • If your Web Care Plan includes Webhosting, or if you subscribe to an Add-on for Hosting, your website will be deactivated upon cancellation. If you would like to switch hosting providers, see "Switching Providers" below.

Website Builds:

  • A lot of work and time goes into making a website, so we have a very strict cancellation policy to protect the investment of our time and resources expended. In the event the Client cancels the project prior to its completion, the following is due within five business days after JDWeb Solutions receives notice of the Client's desire to cancel:
  1. Payment for all work performed up to the date of termination
  2. Payment for all outside expenses and commitments that have been incurred and cannot be canceled; and,
  3. A cancellation fee equal to 15% of the remaining project balance that would otherwise have been paid if the project would have been completed.

Please note that there cannot be a refund on payments made by the Client towards subscription services (e.g., Website Hosting, Domain Names, or Web Care); however, the subscriptions will be canceled.

Cancellation Policy

Switching Providers

If JDWeb Solutions or the client would like to move or relocate their website to a new vendor, there are two options, both of which include a one time $350 transfer fee.

Option One:

  1. The client creates a WPEngine account with the link provided by JDWeb who will transfer the website to the client’s WPEngine account
  2. JDWeb will reconfigure DNS (client needs to provide registrar name and password and hosting name and password)
  3. Anything beyond 1 hour is $199 per hour

Option Two:

  1. Move the website to a hosting provider of customer’s choice
  2. JDWeb will transfer the website the Client’s web hosting provider of choice
  3. JDWeb will reconfigure DNS (client needs to provide registrar name and password and hosting name and password)

Once this move happens, JDWeb is no longer responsible for the speed, security, hosting, maintenance, etc of the website. Essentially, anything related to hosting and maintenance of the site, JDWeb cannot be held responsible.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have a very good idea on how to make these type of transfers SMOOTH so that you experience no downtime and impact to your business. Definitely notify us as soon as possible and we will consult you on the best way to go about this.

Switching Providers


Any work requested that does not fall within the Scope of a Web Care Plan is constituted as a Project. Our most common "Project" is building a Website and/or building a Print-on-demand Store; but this applies to all Projects, small or big.

Project Pricing

Before ANY work begins on a Client's Project, the following must take place:

  1. We must first clearly define the Project Requirements in a Proposal that is presented to the Client
  2. Once the Requirements are agreed upon, an Invoice is issued that refers to the Requirements, Pricing, and Delivery Time Estimate.
  3. The Client then makes a payment on the invoice to proceed.
    For projects over $500, below is our payment schedule but may be revised based on further conversations between us.
    • 50% of total fee deposit upfront to begin & add you to our production schedule

    • 25% upon approval of your sitemap and/or prototype

    • 25% or remaining balance (whichever is higher) once you approve the website for launching

  • The Client and JDWeb must also determine an official Project Name, as this is how the project will be entered into our systems for tracking. We can invite you to our accounting system to see billing associated for your any of your Projects upon request.
  • Please refer to the Payment Policy in these terms regarding Manual Payments or payments remitted by check or money order.
Project Pricing

Additional Services or Change in Scope

Sometimes after a Project begins, the Client desires Additional Services or Features. Should this occur, JDWeb will consult the client on the following:

  • If the Additional feature or service makes sense
  • Impact to the Cost, if any
  • Impact to the Project Delivery Time, if any
  • Impact on the Overall Goal or Results, if any

Armed with this information, the client can then decide whether to:

  • Proceed with the Scope Change
  • Revisit the desired feature in the future, perhaps as a "Phase Two"
  • Abandon the idea altogether

Payment for any approved Additional Services or Features are due in advance, prior to rendering any more work, and before the service is delivered to the Client. The Client will also need to sign a Change of Scope document acknowledging any change in cost, time, or results.

Additional Services or Change in Scope

Project Start Times

Project Start Times are determined by the Public Project Waiting List. For more information on our Public Project Waiting List, click here. In general, we work on one or two projects at a time on a first-come-first-serve basis in order to provide quality attention and results for each project. If you require a project delivered faster than your given Start Date, please review our Rush Job Policy below.

Project Start Times

Rush Job Policy


Per the Project Pricing process outlined above, JDWeb will communicate to the client the estimated Pricing and Delivery Time before work for a project begins.

Every now and then a Client needs to meet a tight internal deadline and would like JDWeb to deliver the work sooner than the Delivery Time communicated. In these cases, the Client has the option to request a Rush Job that may require JDWeb staff to work outside of normal business hours, such as nights and weekends, to meet the tight deadline.

Rush Job requests are accepted at JDWeb's sole discretion. While we do our best to accommodate our Client's needs, Rush Jobs may not always be possible to accept the request.

Should JDWeb accept the Rush Job request, we will communicate to the Client the amount due for the Rush Job fee, which is 50% of the total project price. For example, if the total cost of the project is $100, the Rush Job fee would be $50, and that fee must be paid upfront for the Rush Job to begin. We also reserve the right to waive Rush Job fees on a case by case basis.

Web Care Requests:

For Web Care Plan requests needed faster than the Delivery Time stipulated on the Plan Agreement, a Rush Job Fee choice will be given to the Client. For example, the Essential Plan performs requests within five (5) business days. A Rush Job would deliver the request the next day or the next day for a surcharge of $150.

Rush Job Policy

Additional Terms

Any work requested that does not fall within the Scope of a Web Care Plan, is constituted as a Project. Our most common "Project" is building a Website, building a Print-on-demand Store, but this applies to all Projects, small or big.

Force Majeure or Act of the ELOHIM

Any delay in the performance by JDWeb is not a breach of JDWeb's Agreement with the Client if such delay arises due to unforeseen events such as storm, flood, hurricane, strikes, sickness, death, epidemic or quarantine restrictions, and/or unforeseen equipment failure.

Force Majeure or Act of the ELOHIM

Arbitration Clause

JDWeb and the Client agree to resolve, through binding arbitration, any dispute that arises among the parties from the date of entering into this Agreement. This can include a mutually agreed-upon third-party.

Arbitration Clause


We like to let you know the systems we use that you may be interested in using with us!

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