Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support

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Woooooo, it’s popular

The super popular, responsive WooCommerce WordPress plugin is a pretty good solution for simple ecommerce needs. It’s even good for many complex needs these days–as the array of add-ons grows!  Whatever your need, trust me, there’s most like a Woo Add-on for that!

WordPress & Woo are Getting Married!

They are so popular in fact that I found out at WordCamp (#WCPhilly) that Automatic is scooping them up. Yep, Automaic, the company behind WordPress now owns Woocommerce. Wow!  What a marriage.

With Automatic & Woocommerce getting hitched, maybe the issue I’m blogging about today will soon be a thing of the past!

I gravitate towards templates that have WooCommerce compatibility built-in, if I know the client will be using this solution.  But sometimes the client already has a template that is not Woo compatible.  Or sometimes a custom template built from scratch is not compatibile.

My theme does NOT declare. Now what?

You kinda know when it’s not compatible, because you see this persistent error at the top of each page on the backend of your website:

Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support

Step by Step Video and Blog Post to Fixing This Issue

I came across a fabulous 3-minute video courtesy of INK THEMES that shows how to quickly remedy this problem. I am a fan of short videos even tho mine tend to be long (smile).


Blog Post

Yes, she goes fast, but she provides a step by step blog post of how to fix the problem here.

Thank you very much, Deep Wadhwa!

Woo Weighs In

Woo Commerce also gives this page here, but it’s not as helpful for obvious reasons.


I hope this helps someone out who is searching around for how to declare WooCommerce in third-party themes or templates.  Have a blessed day!