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Our boutique web agency specializes in automating workflows for small businesses, non-profits, & enterprise firms. We help you work smarter. 


Our Plans are chock full of ROI.  We change the oil under your website hood, so its engine can run smoothly.


For website design or re-design, we offer Express Sites & Custom Sites. Each option includes beauty, brains, and brawn!

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We partner with you to bring your brand to life and also help you to automate important business processes behind the scenes so that you can work smarter not harder! Solutions is part of our company name for a reason. The Most High gives us seemingly endless ideas for your project & business!

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Web Care Plans

Maintaining a website is hard work! With our help, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Relax, get peace of mind, save time, and protect your investment with our Web Care Plans. Find out why this is our most popular service.


We consider our clients to be "family" members. Here's what some of our family members say about JDWeb and the services we provide.

June is a major cog in our growth that so many people don't know about. Her work with CMR, CM Ministry and CM the group positioned us in ways that were invaluable.

John Wells

President & CEO, Issachar Media

I saw June do excellent work in developing a web application for one of the Rohm and Haas networks. I have known her to be bright, energetic and resourceful. She is a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Philip Lewis

Vice President, EHS & SD

June is an amazing designer and visionary, someone who goes the extra mile for her clients. We provided streaming technologies to her when streaming was something not very many had heard of or was using. She saw great value in providing these services and jumped on board immediately, causing her client to see unprecedented growth.

Dale Ficken

Chief Operating Officer, Jade Interactive Technologies