About JDWeb Solutions

JDWeb Solutions is a boutique consulting & web design firm for established small businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. We help our clients meet strategic goals to realize positive ROI and measurable results.

We love working with small businesses, non-profits, and faith-based ministries.  Our founder, June Wilson, also has a decade of experience working in the legal industry along with her 20 years of website and I.T. experience.

June Wilson’s Story

Hi, I’m June! I’m a web consultant by day and also a proud mom and wife.  I enjoy helping clients, friends, and family with front-end web development, design and anything to do with websites, WordPress, digital media, social media, and computers in general.

An Army Brat in Germany

I’ve been coding since age 10 on my Dad’s Commodore 64.  My interest in coding grew after graduating from college with my B.A. Degree in Administration, and I taught myself HTML.  Soon after, I began coding intranet pages for departments at my first real job at a Fortune 500 Company.

I have always loved to write creative stories and code on computers.

A Do-Gooder Sounded Good to Me

It took one United Way Campaign presentation to inspire me to work for a non-profit, where my work could make the world a better place.  One month after the presentation, I accepted a job as a Web Developer for the Red Cross in Philadelphia and became their first telecommuter!

Around the same time I became the in-house webmaster and IT Director for a small non-profit called Cross Movement Ministries, who partnered with a popular Grammy-award winning rap group with the same name.

Working with The Cross Movement gave me first-hand experience of a website that had consistent heavy traffic, heavy bandwidth demands on media files, immense online sales and ginormous organic opt-in e-mail list.

Trust me, popular websites that get a lot of traffic have their own unique set of problems.

After seeing the results of Cross Movement’s website, people kept asking me to help them with their website.

They wanted to have the same success as The Cross Movement’s website.  And JDWeb Design was born!

Later I incorporated my business as JDWeb Solutions after realizing I do much more than build websites!  I also:

  • build solutions
  • grow businesses and fix business problems
  • consult clients on website and non-website solutions and topics
  • and much more

Make no mistake:  Having a great-looking website full of great content that works well on a mobile phone is important, but that is only HALF THE BATTLE.

It is just as important that people FIND your website, that you ENGAGE your website visitors to CONVERT them to subscribers, customers, or leads, and you also want to measure results with good ANALYTICS.

That is my passion.

I also have a motto…

Content is KING.  Design is QUEEN.  And Strategy that yields to measurable results is SUPREME.

I’m also a Certified Digital Business Consultant.

Ready to strategize with me?  Please head over to my GETTING STARTED page. Or my FAQ PAGE.


Giving Back to the Community

In the spirit of reciprocity, I have a blast working on several probono projects close to my heart!  JDWeb Solutions also support a child in Tabor through Compassion International.  We also volunteer when possible at WordCamps (WordPress conferences).

if you have a project you would like us to consider as a probono project, please visit our CONTACT page.  If you have amazing photography and great content, we can make a beautiful website together!