Your Web Care Plan with JDWeb Solutions, LLC ("JDWeb") is a month-to-month contract to provide ongoing management & maintenance services for your website. This includes but is not limited to routine offsite backups, software updates, premium software licenses, technical support, security, and a certain number of content changes each month (the number of changes varies depending on the plan tier to which you are subscribed).

Any website we create is eligible to join a Web Care Plan. Please note that websites that are not developed, created, or designed by JDWeb may be eligible for a Web Care Plan at our sole discretion after performing a full website audit. As of 2019, JDWeb works exclusively with Web Care clients in terms of ongoing work or one-off projects.

What is Covered in JDWeb Web Care Plans:

Website Hosting

Websites on a JDWeb Care Plan are hosted by WP Engine, Siteground or Cloudways through JDWeb Solutions. To keep things streamlined and more efficient, we require hosting with one of those vendors.

Websites in our care have a 99% average uptime and both the server infrastructure & your website are optimized for performance & speed. We deploy CDN, advanced caching. For any hosting issues that arise, we serve as your liaison who interfaces with the web host so that we can remain your centralized point of contact. 


We create daily onsite backups and monthly offsite backups of your website. In the case of website failure or a mistake by a user, we have you covered. We can have your website back up and running in minutes!


Security is of the utmost importance. We routinely scan for malware and other security issues such as software vulnerabilities. We also ensure best practices are deployed to avoid rolling out a red carpet for hackers.


With all major open-source CM solutions, regular updates of software is critical to your website's security & functionality. JDWeb Solutions performs updates to all website plugins, themes, and CMS core on a weekly basis.

Premium Plugin Access

JDWeb Solutions has invested in premium software (primarily premium themes and premium plugins) for the benefit of websites on a Web Care Plan. As long as your Web Care Plan subscription is active, your website may use our agency license for the premium plugins. For premium plugins that provide functionality that is unique to your website, we may require you to cover the license renewal. If you choose to cancel your Care Plan subscription, premium licenses will be revoked, and you will be responsible for purchasing those recurring licenses. This is further detailed in your Website Owner's Manual (WOM) issued to every client on a Web Care Plan.

What is Not Covered in JDWeb Web Care Plans:

Website Redesign or major development

Your Web Care Plan covers small edits but for major requests, we will consider this a project and advise and provide a proposal accordingly. Please note that we do not perform any project work for clients who are not on a Web Care Plan. As of 2019, we only work by retainer. For most projects, a 50% deposit is due to begin, then the remaining balance is due after you approve the project. Invoices that are more than 30 days past due will accrue a late fee assessment of 2%. For any payments that do no clear or fail, you will have 90 days to bring your account current or all services will be terminated. Upon termination of services, a backup can be provided to you for a fee at our discretion. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design work, including logos, brochures, business cards, letterhead, and the like is considered a project and requires a project proposal.

Digital Marketing

Specific Digital Marketing work is available for Web Care Plan client a Paid Add-on (see Web Care Add-Ons below). This includes Social Media Management and SEO work.

Web Care Plan Add-Ons

Email Marketing Add On

What is the use of collecting email addresses on your website and never communicating with those persons who are clearly interested in you, your product, your service or offerings because they gave you their information. We create attractive emails that communicate the message(s) you desire.

Subscription Payments

Subscription payments will begin at the start of your Web Care Plan. A valid major credit card that has not expired must remain on file to be automatically billed monthly until your Web Care Plan is cancelled. You may cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice sent to our Support Mailbox so that we can properly offboard your website and ensure you have an updated Website Owner Manual (WOM) which is issued to all Web Care Plan clients. 

Upgrades and downgrades between plans are prorated for upgrades only. If your payment does not clear, you will have 15 days to complete the transaction with us. If you have not completed the transaction within 30 days, we will remove your site from active hosting, meaning your website will be offline, which may also affect your email in some cases. Any Web Care Plan Add-ons that are active for your account will also be stopped.  Your site will remain offline and your add-ons will remain stopped until you become current on all billing. If you fail to complete payments for 90 days, your site will be permanently deleted from all of our storages.