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Website policies that dynamically adapt to legal modifications.

Safeguard your business from penalties and legal actions in under 30 minutes by generating your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and more using JDWeb

Gathering regulated information (such as names, emails, etc.) might necessitate the creation of a Privacy Policy containing specific disclosures mandated by various privacy regulations.

Utilize JDweb to assist in identifying the relevant privacy laws, generate the necessary disclosures as per these legislations, and stay informed about any alterations to these laws (including the introduction of new ones).
The most extensive website policies generator available.

Utilize JDweb to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like CPRA, GDPR, UK DPA, CalOPPA, PIPEDA, and additional legislations. We also assist in adhering to consumer protection laws, delivering eCommerce disclosures, and minimizing your legal exposure.
1. Set it and Leave it
Once you integrate a JDweb policy into your website, it will automatically receive updates for new mandatory disclosures as legal requirements evolve.
2.Unlimited Revisions
When you introduce a new feature or functionality, you can make limitless adjustments to your website policies without any additional charges.
3. Simple Configuration
Provide responses to a few inquiries to swiftly generate any policy tailored to your specific business practices.
4. Notifications and Announcements
Receive notifications whenever new privacy regulations are enacted in Canada, North America, Europe, and Australia, enabling you to stay informed about compliance prerequisites.
5. Customizable
Effortlessly adapt any policy to your preferences. We won't alter the sections you customize, but we'll inform you if new disclosures affect your customized content.

Full Installation in 3 Easy Phases

Securing your website with JDweb is simple
1. Acquire a License
Purchase a single license, which encompasses a suite of policies to safeguard one website.
2. Respond to Questions
Provide responses to queries about your company and website.
3. Copy & Paste
Copy and paste the integration code into the policy page's content.

A single license encompasses all the policies needed to safeguard one website or application!
- Cookie Policy Generator
- Generation of Privacy Policy
- Disclaimer Generator
- Automated Updates & Email Alerts
- Generation of EULA
- Cookie Compliance Solution
- Terms & Conditions Generator

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