Optimized Hosting

Optimized Hosting

Imagine a giant apartment building in a big city. It’s full of different tenants who have different needs. Some of them take care of their living space and some don’t. Some are noisy and some cause physical damage to the walls and appliances. All of those things can affect your apartment.

When the guy above you in Apt 2514 burns his dinner, your clothes will smell like charred tires for a month.

Now imagine a nice condo, where there are structures in place to make sure you can’t hear (or smell) your neighbors. Where they provide excellent security and have rules in place to make sure there that everyone has what they need to live comfortably and stay safe.

You’d prefer living in the condo, right?

Well that’s the difference between shared hosting (an apartment) and optimized hosting (a condo). Yes, a condo is going to be a bit more expensive. But it’s also going to be safer, easier to get to and more inviting for your guests.

Imagine needing to invite your best customers over for dinner. Would you prefer to invite them over to an apartment where your ceiling leaks every time the guy upstairs takes a shower… or to a nice condo where you can entertain them comfortably without the fear of someone else in the building crashing your party?

Your website’s “living space” matters.

I will also add this… optimized hosting is one of those things you need to experience in order to understand how awesome it is.

You won’t realize how SLOW your site is until you move it to an optimized host and it starts loading at blazing fast speeds.

You won’t realize how unsafe your current neighborhood is until you move and realize you never have to worry about hacking ever again (we offer a hack-free guarantee).

You won’t realize what a life-saver optimized hosting is until you make a change you can’t undo and need yesterday’s copy of your website restored within the next 5 minutes.

Moving to optimized hosting is probably the single greatest thing you can do to protect your online business. 

We not only offer Optimized Hosting, we provided managed WordPress hosting. That means your website is added to servers that are built specifically for the technology your website runs on. This is paramount when it comes to speed and stability. And since ourselves and our hosting power are WordPress experts, we can quickly mitigate issues proactively.

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