Secure Loading Site

Secure Loading Site

With Google now requiring that you have an SSL certificate installed in order to get search rankings, we’ve seen a few business owners brush off this option simply because they don’t see Google search as part of their business strategy. We hear things like…

“No one searches foar me in Google.”

“I’m not trying to rank for any keywords.”

Ok, that’s cool (and also a little strange if you’re trying to GET PAID since Google traffic is free), but that little green padlock in your browser bar means a bit more than just better search rankings.

What is your visitor going to do when they land on your site and suddenly a warning flashes up that says “This site is not secure, proceed at your own risk”? 

They might think twice about checking you out. That scenario will soon become a reality for a large chunk of Internet surfers who use Chrome and other browsers that support this notification.

The fact is, it’s a security FEATURE, not just Google trying to play games with the search algorithm. That padlock icon is protecting you and your visitors from having bad things happen.

If you’re ok with turning away potential customers, then continue to ignore the warnings on your site. Otherwise, getting an SSL certificate is cheap (we offer it for free) and takes just minutes to set up.

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