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We've built a plethera of websites...

The thing is, because we built so many websites, we have uber-refined the process from start to finish! Truthfully, building a gorgeous, professional, responsive website that looks & functions great on all devices is important, but it's just half the battle. We don't just build you a website, we build you solutions. Developing solutions is what we specialize in. We help organizations and businesses run smoother & more efficiently by building intelligent websites that use AI!


Domain Names

Yep, we help you select the right domain name to own. It must be something that is easy to SAY, REMEMBER, and SPELL for the greatest success! We can consult you on available names to choose from, help you get great discounts on names. We'll even renew your primary domain name every year at no cost to you once you join one of our Web Care Plans!

Website Hosting

State of the Art Managed Website Hosting

JDWeb Solutions provides enterprise-level website hosting, including FREE migrations, SSL, daily backups, security scans, CDN, and personalized liaison & support services. 

web hosting

Website Design

"Do I need a responsive, mobile-friendly or mobile-first website," you ask?

Yes, yes, and yes! Yes, in 2022 and beyond, you absolutely, unequivocally need a website that functions amazingly well on mobile phones. Why? More and more users than ever before are using mobile phones to visit websites. So when they find you on their mobile phone, you want your website to look right & tight. We do heavy mobile responsive testing and also screen resolution testing, because the screen resolution your customer's computer is using may not be the same as yours! Don't worry, we got your back.

Speaking of mobile this and mobile that, we create mobile apps that sync from the data on your website so that you only have to maintain a single data point. Your app can be put in the Google Playstore, AppStore, or both!


Our Professional Process

Website Development


.We help grow businesses and save you administrative costs. Below is our tried and true process for building beautiful websites that are mobile-friendly.

  • Discovery

    After a deep diver in understanding what it is necessary to accomplish with your website, we make sure that we have everything we need to begin the project. This includes your domain and hosting details if necessary.

  • Sitemap

     Next, we organize all the information for the website into a hierarchical and meaningful structure to make it easy for users to find what they need and easy for website owners to publish their story.

  • Prototype

    Then we produce a prototype or "proof of concept" to see how the website might work in the browser and see how users might interact with it. Once this is finalized, then we design an interface for the website.

  • Coding

    The next phase is where we spin a beautiful prototype and interface into a fully working website. It's all very technical here so we won't bore you with the details. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time indoors during this process.

  • Launch

    Finally, we put your new website through our pre-launch checklist and then launch it into cyberspace so that the rest of the world can visit it on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Whew!


Example Website Solutions

Donor Management Systems

For non-profits or anyone who accepts contributions online, we setup sophisticated donor systems that can manage multiple campaigns, payment gateways, receipts, and even automatically send donors a handwritten thank you card in the mail!

Print On Demand Stores

No need to keep inventory for products you'd like to sell that bear your own very own design. We're talking t-shirts, mugs, and a variety of other items. Have your store automated. The store literally runs on its own and is a great passive money maker.

Auomatic Thank Yous

If you ever wanted a customer to automatically receive a card, postcard, or gift in the mail after making a purchase from your store, making a donation to your cause, or any other "action," we can help set this up for you!

Learning Management Systems

If you have the knowledge to share with others, why not package it up as "Master Class" to sell online? We setup LSM solutions that have topics, lessons, quizzes, video integration and much more.

Multisite Networks

Does each department of your company needs its own website, then you're a great candidate for what's referred to as a Multisite. There are many use cases for this. We also help build people subsites (two or more sites in one).

Job Application Systems

Any paperwork that you need a customer to fill out online, we can auto-print it on any form. We can impose the answers from your online form onto official government forms or other forms. We also build job application systems!

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