Praise the Most High!

We attract many clients who are in the Set Apart walk. Our team including its owner are all people of color. It's a double honor for us to provide our fellow believers with services to help elevate or forward their callings or agenda. 


About Us

Set Apart websites is a division of JDWeb Solutions where we partner with you to bring your brand to life and help automate important business processes behind the scenes so that you can work smarter not harder! Solutions are part of our company's name for a reason. The Most High gives us seemingly endless ideas for your project & business!

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Here are a few projects whose owners are of the Diaspora or are faith-based or in the Set Apart walk. For these projects, we either provide website hosting, domain name management, consulting, training, or good ole fashioned web design, development, and maintenance.


Set Apart websites is more than a service or a "Plan." It's more of a program that we offer exclusively to those in the Set Apart walk. But, there is certain criteria for eligibility. Don't worry, if you are not eligible, we do offer Services & Plans that we are sure will provide what you are seeking. 

For more details, view the video to the left. If you are still interested, complete the Set Apart Websites application form by clicking the button below.