TIPS using Retina-Ready Images on your website

The other day I was chatting with a client about the benefits of using Retina-Ready or Retina Display Images. “What’s that?” he asked.

What is Retina Display?

Retina display is a brand name used by Apple for its series of IPS LCD, and OLED displays that have a higher pixel density than traditional Apple displays.

These days mobile screens, high-end laptops and computer screens support super high-resolution images. To make your site ready for retina screens, check out the tips below.

Steve Jobs Video & Other (Very) Helpful Resources on This Topic

Below I’ve compiled information explaining just what it is and why it’s important for your website which will increasingly have more visitors who view it from their smartphones.
Steve Jobs showcases it show what it is watch the video below:


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Here are some tips how to make Retina-Ready Images on your sites that don’t Slow Down WordPress:

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There are some plug ins that you can use to optimize the images check this link below:

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Crisp & clear images in high-definition displays

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