Web Care Plan

What Exactly Is A Web Care Plan And Why Do I Need One?

In speaking with business owners regularly, this is probably one of the top questions we get. So your website is up and humming along, the sun is shining bright, birds are chirping… everything’s coming up roses.

What can possibly go wrong?

Let’s start with a little survey…

  • Would you buy a house and then neglect to cut the grass, trim the bushes or do a termite inspection?
  • Would you decorate your dining room and then never invite anyone over for dinner?
  • Would you skip out on buying insurance so you can pay double or more at your next doctor’s visit?

I’m pretty sure you answered with a big “NO” to all of the survey questions. So why would you build a fantastic online business and then neglect to take care of it?

Many business owners think that once a site is up, they can sit back and relax, and it will run itself. After all, if they don’t update it, nothing will change, right?

This “Set-it-and-forget-it” mentality is what gets a lot of business owners into a real (and often very expensive) bind. Just because they aren’t updating pages on the site does not mean things are not happening behind the scenes.

If you bought a house and then left it alone for a few months, it would get dusty, grow a few weeds and you’d end up with some unwanted pests. Websites work the same way. If you don’t maintain them, you’ll end up with display issues, broken links, and a few bugs wandering around in the backend. Your visitors will get creeped out and move on to your competitor. 

Long periods of neglect will cost you more in repairs over time. Technology moves so fast that if you’re not actively keeping up, you could be faced with a complete rebuild of a site or the removal of malicious code that takes a lot of time and money to remove.

Imagine a leaky pipe in your house that suddenly breaks and causes water damage. It would have been cheaper to fix the pipe, right?

A monthly Web Care Plan is pennies compared to the big bills you will need to cough up for a complete theme rebuild or a hack removal.

So what should a Web Care Plan include?

Web Care Plans can be a bit like car shopping. There are a lot of makes, models, and options to choose from. 

So how do you know what’s right for you?

The next few pages will list the core features available on one or more of the Web Care Plans offered by JDWeb Solutions.

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